Important Beginner Wood Work Tips

Woodworking is an interesting hobby that you can really have fun doing. There are many people out there who have been able to make their own furniture, and there is nothing better than making your own stuff. With time, you will be able to learn advanced skills and make more technical furniture for your home. When starting out, try out simple projects before you can tackle more technical projects. This will help you stay motivated to learn.

Many people shy away from woodworking because they think they have to spend thousands of dollars before they can start. In reality, there are a couple of wood working tools and skills you can substitute for expensive tools – giving you the chance to make your project a dream come true. Below are some great beginner woodworking skills you need to get started. These tips will go a long way in helping you master the art of woodworking.

Cutting Materials

There are different ways of cutting you will need to learn about. The most common saws you will be using are hand saws, circular saws, and jigsaws. They are not expensive and will do most of the project you will be working on.

Hand saws – This is a good tool used to make quick cuts that don’t have to be perfectly straight. You will have to use some muscle since they are not powered, but will prove perfect for a quick job. The con of using a hand was is the fact that you will need a different type of saw when cutting different materials. You cannot use the same hand saw to cut wood and steel, forcing you to spend more.

Jigsaws – They have reciprocating blades. They are great for making oddly shaped cuts and curves, but they aren’t the perfect option when you want perfectly straight cuts. The advantages of jigsaws are; they are cheap, small, and the blades can be easily changed to enable you to cut different types of material.

Circular saws – This is the heavy duty option and is the perfect way to go when you want to make long straight cuts. They downside is they cannot be used to cut curves like the jigsaw, and they can be dangerous for beginners. This is a good option to invest in if you are going to do a lot of woodworking.

Important Beginner Wood Work Skills

Beginner woodworkers think that they need to purchase thousands of dollars worth of tools to become competent in woodworking. What most of them do not understand is there are some basic skills that will help you get started in woodcarving without the need for expensive tools. These basic skills will help a beginner wood worker makes his/her dream project a reality in no time. This post highlights some of the most important beginner wood work skills.

Drilling Holes

Drilling holes is something you will have to do on a regular basis when dealing with wood work. The best way to drill holes is by using a cordless drill. They are the best option because they last a long time, you can take them anywhere, and won’t cost you a lot of money. They can also be used to tighten screws and drill large holes on different materials. At first, your holes may not be consistent, but with time, you will see it improve.

Drilling a hole is one skill that every beginner needs to master. You will need to drill holes in any type of DYI projects at some point. Although the process sounds simple, there are a few important techniques that you need to learn to drill better holes over time. A cordless drill is the best tool to drill a hole. In fact, a cordless drill can fit into any place, it is durable, and will not cost a fortune. The drill bits are the most important components of the drill. They come in different sizes and shapes to drill any kind of hole. First, measure the piece of wood that you plan to drill. You need to make sure the drill bit is long enough to drill the hole. Mark a spot where you want the hole with a pencil. Use a nail and hammer to punch a small hole in this spot. There will be a slight indentation which will make it easier for you to drill the hole later on. Now, fit the drill bit into this indentation. Start the drilling process slowly. Increase the speed of drilling if you find it difficult to penetrate. Reduce the speed once the hole is drilled. Pull the drill bit out and switch the drill off once the drill bit is out of the hole.


Sanding is a must for every person who want to tackle a certain project. There are many different types of sand paper you can expect to use for your woodworking projects. Some of the common sandpapers used include hand sanders, orbital sanders, and belt sanders.

Sanding is a very important skill that a beginner woodworker needs to learn. Once you drill holes and cut the wood, you may find unsightly splinters on the surface of the wood. This is where sanding comes in handy. But with the many types of sandpaper and sanding equipment, a beginner can easily become confused. The main types of sanders include orbit, belt, and hand sanders. Hand sanders are the simplest and cheapest method that works for small projects. This method is cheap though it takes a little time. But you can achieve the desired finish with this method. Orbit sanders are a bit advanced compared to hand sanders. Sanding disks are utilized in this method. They are useful when you are working in tight spaces or electronic projects. Belt sanders are the most powerful. They are ideal for advanced woodworkers out there.


Painting is another important skill that any beginner woodworker needs to master. When you have a project that requires a professional look, painting can do wonders. There are basically two types of paint that could be used for this purpose. The best paint should be chosen depending on the material and uses of the project. Latex paint is a water-based paint that is used for general applications. It is easy to apply, durable and adheres to most materials. Oil-based paint adheres much better to most surfaces. They are best used when painting over previous coats of paint. The only disadvantage is the cleanup which is harder. You need to use thinner or mineral oil to clean up the paint.

In conclusion, most beginners think that they require expensive tools to get starting in woodcarving. In reality, there are some basic skills that will help a beginner get started in woodworking without costly tools. The aforementioned read provides information on some of the most important beginner wood work skills.

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